He has accumulated 200 million Runescape experience points

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Kaczrowski claimed he could chat about RS gold chess all day long as a sign that sufferers of Aspergers can use to dominate conversations around their personal passions. "I just created it to play it," he said with an enthusiasm that was reminiscent of a child. "I wanted something fun to play."

Many things in Kaczrowski's life became easier to understand after his diagnosis. He could clearly recognize his noise sensitivity, the overload that was felt when interacting with others and how he thrived off repetition and routine. He explained ways to keep his mind clear by doing the exact same each day. Thinking is processing which is a challenge for Aspergers.

Kaczrowski and his wife, Karen, were married in 2007 and recently bought a home in Alexandria. Kaczrowski has found it beneficial to have his own house. He can live without distractions and more easily. Karen said that her husband was constantly wandering around his apartment. He was unable to get along with everyone.

"Asperger's is an impairment in communication and social interaction," she said, "It's not that he can't communicate - it takes a lot of energy from him." To avoid sensory overload, Kaczrowski does most of his shopping in the evening when there are fewer people in the shops. He said, "It's great because I cannot know where people are likely to move to - and that's not something I want to do." Aspergers sufferers are more likely to exhibit repetitive behaviors. Kaczrowski used this common sign to earn an online gaming prize. He has accumulated 200 million Runescape experience points.

The game online has more than 10 million active accounts per day and Kaczrowski is the third player in the skill of repetitive runecrafting, an achievement of which both he and Karen are extremely proud. Kaczrowski was constantly amazed at his in-tune abilities throughout his life. Kaczrowski was at the side of his nephew who was born prematurely, when he felt that the baby was struggling to buy OSRS gold breathe. He voiced his concerns repeatedly.