The difference between a mechanical and a quartz watch

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Mechanical watch: Powered by the mainspring, clocked by gears. The mechanical watch is divided into manual winding and automatic winding. Due to the complex structure, the phenotype is relatively heavy. Because of the characteristics of the principle of travel time, it is subject to gravity, mechanical friction, temperature changes, use conditions and other reasons, so the error is larger than the quartz Custom Luxury Watches.

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Quartz watch: rely on batteries to provide power, with extremely stable high-frequency vibration quartz crystal as a benchmark of time, so the quartz watch more accurate travel time, the cost is relatively low, can be described as inexpensive.

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Mechanical watch features:

1. When the mechanical Custom Mens Watches travels differently from the quartz watch, the second hand of the mechanical watch is continuous and continuous.

2. Due to the complexity of the movement of the mechanical watch, the travel time error is relatively large (depending on the brands), the error of the Observatory movement is small, and the error of one day is normal within -4/+6 seconds. The error can't be accumulated when the mechanical watch travels. The watch must be debugged for a period of time.

3. fine craftsmanship, easy to use, on the foot spring can take more than 36 hours.

4. long service life.

5. appearance than the quartz watch heavier (depending on the brand may be), there are some brands are also very thin, but generally manual mechanical watches.

Quartz watch features:

1. The quartz watch's travel time second hand is one hop, and the travel time is very accurate. Generally, the monthly difference is within 15 seconds. There are three needles and two needles.

2. In the movement core, the integrated circuit is used. The structure is much simpler than the mechanical movement, and the assembly is very simple.

3. easy to use, wear without winding, a battery is generally available 2-3 years. However, some quartz watches use lithium batteries, which have a long service life and are available in about 7-8 years.

4. the price of quartz Custom Womens Watches is relatively cheaper than mechanical watches (the same brand with the same style), but some high-end brand quartz watches are expensive due to the brand is good, the appearance of materials (18k gold or diamonds or precious metals), excellent design, resulting in some quartz watches The value is much higher than the average mechanical watch.