5 Trending Decorative Themes: Birthday Party Organizers in Gurgaon

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Today, the old era of birthday celebration seems boring to youngsters and even kids. The normal balloons and cake cutting seem quite monotonous.

Hence, people get more inclined towards unique and exciting birthday themes. Generally, the birthday party organizers in Gurgaon are widely known for decorating based on such themes. 


But, to book decorations using such themes, you might have some knowledge about the trending ones. Here, I grab 5 such trending decorative themes which become quite popular among people: 



  • Enchanted Garden Gala: 


Transform your birthday location into a lovely garden garnished with dazzling lights, rich vegetation, and glimpsing décor with the Enchanted Garden Gala. A romantic environment will be created with fairy lights, hanging lanterns, and floral arrangements. To complement the enchanting atmosphere, encourage guests to dress in floral clothes.



  • Vintage Hollywood Glamour: 


If you’re a Hollywood die-heart fan, then this is for you. Get a set up of red carpet, and a photo booth with vintage Hollywood decorations, and urge attendees to dress up. Classic cocktails, jazz music, and black-and-white décor will take you back to the golden age of cinema.



  • Retro Arcade Revival:


A retro arcade theme teleports you back in time. You get a decoration with antique arcade games, neon lighting, and retro 80s decor. Encourage attendees to dress in their best retro costumes and compete in high-score competitions.



  • Fairytale Fantasy


This is a fairytale-themed decoration fit for a storybook. Enchanting woodlands, and princesses, and mythological creatures will set the tone for an unforgettable adventure. Invite guests to dress up as their favorite fairytale characters for a really magical event.



  • Carnival Fiesta


Ready to bring the carnival fun to your birthday party. Set up gaming booths, provide traditional carnival fare, and decorate with bright colors and circus-themed decor. Don't forget the cotton candy and popcorn!


So, these are the top 5 trending themes people love to apply on their birthday celebrations. But you can’t get such arrangements without hiring event planners in Gurgaon. These professionals have a lot more in their jargon. So, get connected with one through ZoopGo and discuss your priorities.