Madden 21 Ratings: Roster Update Week 11 - Denzel Ward & more

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There is now a brand new roster update in Madden 21, which includes hundreds of ratings changes. Week 11 is no different, so let’s break down the biggest changes in this week’s roster update. You can buy Madden 21 Coins and then go back to the game to buy advanced players. The 11th week of the roster update was released in real time, and it shook hundreds of ratings. Now, we divide it into two categories: the biggest winners and the biggest losers.

The Winners
The 11th week of the NFL season has been updated, and some players have won numerous records. Due to these performances, many players' Madden 21 ratings have improved. Denzel Ward is a powerful defensive weapon for the Cleveland Browns, and the young corner guard performed well in Week 11. Ward defended 4 passes and got 1 interception and 3 tackles in the 22-17 defeat of the Philadelphia Eagles. As a result, Ward's Madden 21 score rose by 1 point to 89 OVR.

Cooper Kupp is sometimes the most targeted receiver of the Los Angeles Rams (NFL) in the Los Angeles Rams, and has achieved a fruitful performance in Week 11. Cooper may not find the finish area often, but he posted a huge number of yards on shorter routes. After receiving 11 yards for 143 yards in week 11, Koop rose 1 point to 88 OVR in Madden 21 score.

The Losers
Sometimes even the best has a chance of failure. This is the case with these players, which resulted in a drop in Madden 21's score. Geno Atkins was eliminated in this week's "Madden 21" selection. It's hard to say it should have been. Atkins has missed the 2020 season of the Cincinnati Bengals, but even if he plays, his game impact is very small. His high Madden 21 score and Pro Bowl history are an obvious problem. As a result, Atkins dropped 5 points to 80 OVR level.

Tom Brady's 2020 is very interesting. From his historic team change to his weekly success and failure performance, Week 11 was a major miss by the legendary QB, which caused his Madden 21 score to drop. Brady made 48 attempts in the 11th week, losing only 216 yards, getting 2 TDs and 2 interceptions. Because of Brady's poor performance, his OVR score dropped by 1 point to 93. If you want to get more advanced players, then buying Madden Coins is a safe and fast way.