Thats way too much detail for RuneScape

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If you want to do just mithril minotaurs, be reminded that OSRS gold just 188 are needed to get level 68 from 66. Just remember which you can sell the majority of these pouches directly on the Grand Exchange. That is exactly what I did to find that level.

I am thinking of increasing magic, by making tablets to create money. Which are the best for exp, and cash (I would like if the tablets sold fast, or there was a excellent chance they'd sell)? Also, how much tabs could I make each hour, if I use the butler method, using normal butler to un-note my documented clay, and also have money / runes in inv?

And employing the butler, when should I request him to unnote my clay? Before or after I start making the tabs? Bones to Peaches provides you the most profit I believe. The best way is to ask the butler to unnote the Soft Clay until you complete. He will hold things for you until your stock is empty enough, and you can ask him. I am not sure how many you will make per hour, however per tab, you can make a solid 315 GP per tab. Assuming you can create 800 tabs a houryou are able to make 252K per hourbut just 28.4K EXP/HR. It's a viable way to get cash to do other things to train mage.

What would you recommend I use for the consequent conflict considering I have a job of more than a hundred? First of all, congratulations! Desert Strykewyrms really are an superb task. They strike with ranged and melee, so melee is your ideal way to combat them with; the wyrms are feeble to stab attacks also, therefore a leaf-bladed sword is a great alternative for a weapon. Bring some good food and possibly a healing recognizable; watch out for their burrowing attack, and run off as soon as they dive below the floor, or you'll be hit for massive damage. This attack is quite rare, fortunately. The Al-Kharid bank is quite close, but in the event that you really can't endure walking, deliver a charged Amulet of Glory; teleport to Edgeville and bank (should you want to bank more than double, which is improbable, you may also take out a fresh Amulet), then teleport back to Al-Kharid. Anyhow, good luck!

But thats way too much detail to performing most tasks. I favor the minimal detail with most everything away for greatest game play with less distractions of shadows,ground detail along with other stuff thats only useful for being a tourist. Is there an option I missed to fix this issue on my end? Or is that just another fine upgrade jagex did on purpose to fuzz up my match play option? The previous time around there was an alternative left to revert into the lager viewable area. I'm unable to find that this time around. I dont see any other complaints about this yet. Possibly im the only one running secure mode or ppl are waiting to runescape 3 gold see if jagex might correct this newest bug?