Arguments to present a Cloud strategy to the board

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Migrating to the Cloud offers improvements for the entire company and, when the board gets to know this technology better

Migrating to the Cloud offers improvements for the entire company and, when the board gets to know this technology better, it will certainly be interested in adopting it. Therefore, to convince the management to invest in Cloud Computing, the ideal is to develop a strategy highlighting its resources and possibilities, showing how it will help both management and teams to work more efficiently.

Check out the main arguments to improve your strategy:

  1. Agility and responsiveness
    The first argument to consider when presenting a cloud strategy to the board is its responsiveness and agility. Currently, companies need to deal with more and more internal demands, which requires supporting new users and employees. For this, it is necessary to invest in IT infrastructure.

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This process can be time-consuming and very expensive, and if there are new changes in the scenario and the company needs to decrease its resources, all investments made so far may be lost.

Now, with the Cloud you can make this provisioning much easier, faster and more economically. Thus, the organization is able to give full support to changes and offer agility and, therefore, the Cloud is indispensable.

Thus, you must explain in non-technical terms the added value that Cloud resources - such as scalability and automation - can be great differentials for the company to meet the new business needs.

How does using the cloud help your company's scalability?
2. Increased productivity
It is a fact that IT is moving from being seen only as a technical sector to becoming a key part of business. However, this team still wastes a lot of time with tasks to support users, preventing them from acting with a focus on the core business.

And this is where the Cloud can help! Show the board that when performing the migration, the IT team can dedicate itself to strategic tasks to improve projects and generate greater business value.

In addition, it is possible to standardize day-to-day services, generating quality and time gains to offer better products and services to customers. Without a doubt, this fact will be well regarded by the board!