The Lost Ark-Diablo and Path of Exile's competitors travel to Europe

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"Lost Ark" is an isometric mixture of MMORPG and a typical hack'n'slash. It is not like Path of Exile with a rich POE Currency system, which has awakened the imagination of fans of this type for many years. Unfortunately, at present, the game is still mainly sold in the Asian market, but it will soon change, because "Lost Ark" will also officially land in the West. Path of Exile and Diablo may be afraid!

We wrote "The Lost Ark" on the web as early as 2014, when the world just knew the title. At that time, the outstanding performance and excellent gameplay of this game left a deep impression on me, and in the following years, it also attracted more fans. Unfortunately, "The Lost Ark" is still a work mainly for Koreans. And it’s only recently that the public beta of the game was launched in Russia and Japan. However, Westerners know nothing about this.

However, the situation has changed! Amazon just announced that it has signed a contract with Smilegate to deal with the "Lost Ark" to be released in the West in 2021. We still need to wait for the details of this cooperation, but the fact is that this promising title will also be officially awarded to European players.

Therefore, fans of Hack'n'slash are preparing a very interesting game, which is actually a mature MMORPG, only played from isometric projection, and the game is inspired by the Diablo series. We are waiting impatiently for further details, because this is a game that may surprise people in the online action RPG market, and Path of Exile 2 and the increasingly promising Diablo 4 will also appear in a while.

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