Madden 21: SpongeBob's crossover is not as strange as you think

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EA has released a trailer, which will be announced this week. EA Sports seems to be teasing some kind of cross between Madden and SpongeBob, which is actually not as casual as you think. The trailer from the Madden NFL Twitter account asks fans: "Are you ready?" An image of SpongeBob is attached to the tweet, dated January 7. Probably when the strange Madden 21 campaign was fully revealed. If you are also a Madden 21 player, then you can purchase Madden NFL 21 Coins to enhance your game.

It was previously announced that CBS Sports and Nickelodeon, owned by the same company, will join forces for a special NFL playoff live broadcast. The wild poker game between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints will be broadcast on Nickelodeon this Sunday. The televised event will contain a variety of Nickelodeon-themed elements.

Nickelodeon star Gabrielle Nevaeh Green (all shows) will meet with the audience next to the performers to provide her insights, while another All That actor Lex Lumpkin will serve as a side reporter. The broadcast also began with "SpongeBob SquarePants Sweatpants Countdown Special". NFL star Von Miller (Von Miller) talked about SpongeBob's most famous sports moments.

This is a glimpse of the TV show that aired this weekend-it's crazy. But keep in mind that CBS will also provide more traditional broadcasts. During the half-time break, Nickelodeon will play a special trailer for the new SpongeBob TV show Kamp Koral, which will premiere on streaming platforms in 2021 and then on regular TV. However, it is unclear what role EA Sports and Madden series may play in all of this, but it seems that something is brewing and will be revealed soon. Finally, GameMS is an online store that specializes in selling Madden 21 Coins, where you can buy safe and cheap MUT 21 Coins.