NBA 2K Players Tournament Bracket Update: Quarterfinals Matchups Set For Second Round Games

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This past Friday and Sunday, 16 NBA players were involved in a fierce rivalry on NBA 2K21 MT Coins video game consoles as they fought it out in an NBA 2K championship game. Following the initial round, these 3 players are just one and done.

After Friday night's first-round tournament results, just one of the quarterfinals matchups had been put. The Phoenix Suns star already took out No. 7 Zach LaVine from the opener, but he'll take on a man who set up over 100 in his first 2K20 game of the tourney. With Sunday's 2K results, we now know who will play in another three matchups. The Clippers' Montrezl Harrell is the No. 8 seed and he'll take on the lowest seed of the tournament, No. 16 Derrick Jones Jr. of the Heat. Jones removed Kevin Durant in a huge upset in the first matchup of the tourney.

The Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker could be you beat in this tournament. As the No. 5 seed, he also looked strong in the opener from Michael Porter Jr..

The last matchup of MT for sale 2K21 the quarterfinals will feature two guys effective at talking some garbage, but who proved they have deep skills on 2K.