Path of Exile’s new patch program optimizes players’ experience

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Recently, Path of Exile released the 3.13 extension that players are most looking forward to, and the game has also gained more traffic. Although it has played a very good role in promoting the development of POE, it also puts a huge load on the game server. When players play in a new league and get POE Currency or they are teaming up with friends for missions, the client often crashes, which makes some players suffer a terrible experience.

Fortunately, the development team released the latest update program in a timely manner after summing up these recent problems and bugs. Prior to this, they paid more effort and time for this because the 3.13 extension was not released as scheduled. However, to their surprise, the number of people attracted by the new expansion this time led to as many problems as usual. Players will find that the stability has been greatly improved after entering the game after updating the patch.

Developer fixed a bug that could prevent Zana from picking up items after the World Awakening Sirius battle. It also fixed a bug where the leader of the Crimson Temple map and Colonnade map could be removed from the ritual encounter. Subsequent release of the small program fixes this patch and fixes a bug, which may be a bug that some totem damage modifiers not applied correctly. In fact, Grinding Gear Games announced that Echoes of the Atlas is the most successful expansion they’ve ever released for Path of Exile.

This is also a good phenomenon, which shows that the game team is also moving on to the correct development of POE 2. Players should also work harder in the game to get greater achievements. They can achieve this goal through Buy POE Currency. Go ahead!