How does a "children's" quantum computer work

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For quantum computing, the magnetic field must be very uniform.

The working substance of the SpinQ quantum system is dimethylphosphite. It is a tetrahedral molecule containing one phosphorus, one hydrogen, oxygen, and two CH3O groups. At room temperature, this substance takes the form of a colorless liquid.

According to Discover Magazine, dimethyl phosphite is ideal for use in small quantum computers because the phosphorus and hydrogen atoms are bonded and close enough to interact, plus they can also be manipulated independently of each other.

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SpinQ specialists placed a few drops of dimethyl phosphite in liquid form in a small sealed container, and it itself was placed in the center of the magnetic field. Moreover, unlike quantum computers 30 years ago, the new SpinQ does not use superconducting magnets, since a giant cooling system would have to be built to remove heat from them. In this supercomputer, developers have opted for permanent magnets, which can create a magnetic field of up to 1 Tesla.

For quantum computing, the magnetic field must be very uniform. To accomplish this, the team used a technique called shimming, which generates a different magnetic field that can neutralize any irregularities in a stronger field.

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The use of dimethylphosphite and powerful permanent magnets is the secret of the miniature and cheapness of the new SpinQ quantum computer. To control spins (qubits), it must be connected to a regular PC with specialized software installed on it.

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Although the SpinQ device only processes two qubits, it is capable of performing a number of typical quantum computations. For example, it can implement a version of Grover's algorithm that can search the database faster than the classic search algorithm.