Echoes of Atlas provide new ideas for the development of Path of Exile 2

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As early as November 2019, Grinding Gear Games revealed some information about Path of Exile 2. It will feature a seven-act campaign, but the original Path of Exile campaign will also be available. In addition to those original things, a brand-new skill system and courses will appear in POE 2 to distinguish it from the standard version of Path of Exile. They will also improve the game engine a lot, which allows many players to prepare a lot of POE Currency early.

The development team currently wants to combine some characteristic elements of Echoes of Atlas with POE 2 to create new and more interesting content. And it is also very enlightening for it to improve the graphics quality of POE 2. What they are doing now is not only stably launching the quarterly expansion of the original game but also improving the unreleased POE 2 based on Path of Exile Currency that players have praised.

To be honest, the game team has not even released the Beta of Path of Exile 2 yet, which has delayed the pace of game development. It scheduled to release in 2020 because of the release of Cyberpunk 2077 and various other factors. At the beginning of this year, GGG president Chris Wilson said that they estimated they would release POE 2 in 2022. As we all know, Path of Exile’s strongest competitor in RPG games is the Diablo series. The upcoming launch of Diablo 4 has also put a lot of pressure on the POE development team.

For the game team, they still need to make development plans to prevent their status in the RPG field from falling or being overtaken by other competitors. For players, they should buy more POE Currency to gradually improve their competitiveness in the game in order to get brilliant achievements in every quarterly expansion.