2K players finally waited for the news of the NBA 2K21 demo version

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To commemorate the tragic death of Kobe Bryant this year, people have designated the 24th of August as Kobe Day. Because in Kobe’s NBA career, he wore the No. 8 jersey in the early stage and then changed to the No. 24 jersey. The jersey number 24 means that he will focus his day on basketball. In NBA 2K21, a Kobe card will definitely appear after it releases the game to mourn him. Those Kobe fans can spend a certain amount of NBA 2K21 MT to get him.

The late Hall of Fame players are also communication competitors of Mamba Forever Edition. We praise this version for its occupation and inheritance. 2K sometimes release their entire game during the demo, and I don’t expect this year to be different. MyPlayer may have some choices to trouble some of your choices, and the immediate play mode allows fans to visit the two most famous groups in the group. Considering that these lists are not much different from those seen by players in NBA 2K20, the ideal situation is to see that 2K is certain legends in the demo or even in the retail format of the game.

This will be a rare opportunity to reach agreements with tricky legends such as Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Manu Ginobili and Rashid Wallace. Their participation will make this strange but fascinating game present a series of jumpers. From everyone’s perspective, ongoing interactive blogs are also common. If it is real data, the demo will provide fans with the opportunity to try the new right stick control for the first time, sign a protective activity, and possibly make the first large monitor for them.

For fans crazy about basketball, the release of NBA 2K21 has undoubtedly injected new vitality into their empty basketball life. Many wise 2K players have accumulated a lot of combat experience in the previous version. Now for them, just Buy 2K21 MT a lot and wait to enter the game. Go ahead.