Your attack is raised by 30%.

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Level 66 - Balanced Mind. Your attack is raised by 30%. Level 66 - Holy Shield. MUST BE WEARING A SARADOMIN ITEM TO RuneScape gold ACTIVATE. Your defense is increased by 30%(The above prayers can be activated at the same time) Level 71 - Backpack Saviour. If you die, 6 of your best things will be kept. Level 80 - Godly Should you reach -10percent of your HP, You'll Be fully healed (Automatically reduces prayer to 1 when used)

Gives you the option of teleporting into MONASTERY ENTRANA (no weapons or armor) GRAVE OF SCORPIUS should you teleport, your prayer is decreased to 0 and it is possible to lose up to 3 items while teleporting (arbitrary ) Level 95 - Protect from harm. Protects you from damage (not including toxin )

Level 98 - Summon Inferno. If the prayer is active at under 20% health, 6-11 Inferno Zombies (level-63) will look from passion and allow you to attack the creature (if you are not under attack and at less than 20% health, you'll get a message"I am currently not under assault") Only ideas. I wouldn't like to be flamed though.

I am not so good at composing quests but here goes. Start point: Speak to an adventurer south west of this gnome stronghold Required quests: Eagles summit, grand shrub, Underground pass, regicide, monkey madness. Required stats (along with the ones for the previous quests): 50 agility and theiving (higher prefered to get to isafdar saftley) 37 hunter, 32 fletching. Ability to defeat a level 150 kebbit without prayer

Needed items: 10 normal Logs, A knife, a hatchet, hunter crossbow or 1300 gp. Fantastic food and armour since you will have to combat a range attacking kebbit free of prayer. Suggested items: A tinderbox, antipoison (one can do) Teleports into ardougne. Now choice 2 will start the quest so out there you will need to go north beyond eagles peak and into buy RS gold the forest beyond there. You'll need to trap 10 kebbits and fletch their spikes into kebbit bolts. After that, go back to the adventurer and provide him the bolts.