Most players in Path of Exile paid a great price for Ritual League

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At the end of last month, Grinding Gear Games announced the backstage statistics of Path of Exile since the release of the new extension. We can see how much Path of Exile players have invested in Ritual League and POE Currency. So far, players running Rituals have received 1 trillion tributes. That is already a considerable amount, surpassing the number of tributes in all previous leagues. And this phenomenon is still continuing to heat up, and the players’ enthusiasm for Ritual has not declined over time.

The first part of Grinding Gear’s Ritual Stats report shows that since they started adding Ritual League to the game in mid-January this year, players have started over 6 billion Ritual. When that statistical report appeared, it was estimated that over 20 million Ritual has been running every day since the beginning of the league, which is equivalent to more than 23 Ritual per second in the game. Moreover, GGG is not proud of it but continues to add new content and patches to the league.

The Ritual League is a new challenge for new and old players. And it took the development team four months to create it. Players in any area can only complete three Ritual at most. Especially when players break through many obstacles and successfully activate the Ritual altar, all monsters or enemies in the circular area around the altar will temporarily lose their offensive ability. At this time, players must seize the opportunity to annihilate all enemies in one fell swoop to end the current Ritual and if they can successfully complete all the rituals in the area, they can unlock the menus, which can purchase through the tributes got by Buy POE Currency.

Once these players have completed, they will not only feel a strong sense of accomplishment but also receive many rewards. The number of completed Ritual is directly proportional to the number and quality of the rewards players can eventually get. However, they also need to focus on the enemies in the ritual circle have become stronger, making it more and more challenging for players to complete the ritual. Therefore, those novice players are best to buy some POE Currency to achieve their goals. Hold on!