NBA2K21 Scripted "physics"...

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I swear, its like they'd the patch team make this match and the remainder are working on next gen only. I have noticed if you using the aim shot that you can still target it even after the meter goes off. In 1 game I left several shots curve and even got it to NBA MT Coins green way following the release... Yea that's always been this way lol. If you held x at the elderly 2ks your launch was judged following the ball was published and it'd be very late. Yeh nah that's not the same, dudes are literally curving shots in such as bullets because fckin Angelina jolie movie.

That is exactly what real life sports could be like when prayer worked. I might be wrong, but I'll notice when shooting three pointers that the ball will dip halfway into the internet and pop right out. However, Id be really mad if this occurred to me. However, Id be so mad if this happened to me. If it had been a physics-based game this could be different, but so would the whole remainder match. I could know but on 2K21, after 5 full games I saw odd things like that over on the 5 previous years. So I believe there is a real problem with the"physics".

The construct is nice and stuff. But calling builds"demonic" or even"demigod" is your cringiest shit. The construct is fine and stuff. But calling builds"demonic" or"demigod" is your cringiest shit. Can we discuss it? Yeah, I read that too fast. However, Zion and Tatum? Not even close to the identical game. And Bojan to me is like Reddick, maybe not either of these two. I Think 2K simply messes this up. It's like the same thing where the very same players in different modes play with different, have different cartoons . They make the players match their builds instead of their builds being based on actual players.

I am aware of, but that's dumb. If you would like to include badges/Attributes that I don't have any issue with it, however shot should be exactly the same, height should be the exact same etc.. Yeah I believe you, I'm not disagreeing with you I feel exactly the exact same way. This community is indeed shit and cares about superior animations rather than players playing them selves. Yeah I feel you, I'm not disagreeing with you I feel the same way. This community is so shit and cares about superior cartoons rather than players playing like them selves. If this is anything like a stage forward, it sounds fine but in fact is trash.

What construct is this? I am out of the loop to get 2k21 so much but that sounds like a build I'd be interested in trying! He is a solid passer. I wouldn't say great. Zion does not orchestrate crimes he is more reliant on moves. I'm not saying that he can not pass well, it's just I do not think Point Power Forward is the right way to spell out his match. And Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins I think that it's a bit of stretch for Tatum too because he's more of an iso participant at his best. Bogdanovic is actually the only one that's accurate imo. I concur whole heartedly he looks bron more if anything but if zion was to slim down with bis skill set he could play like simmons or bron minus the fact he has a set shot he is a nightmare in transition and a mismatch on defense.