What are the benefits of investing in retention?

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What are the benefits of investing in retention?

Companies that invest in talent retention get a number of benefits, as you will see below.

Improvement in the organizational climate
Investing in talent retention is also about improving the organizational climate . The actions result in an increase in the personal satisfaction of employees in relation to the company and, consequently, makes the environment more pleasant.

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Reduction of labor costs

Much of the labor costs are related to the recruitment, selection and dismissal processes of employees. An early departure from a contractor starts a new process, generating new costs for the company, in addition to the delay in stabilizing the teams.

Maintenance of human capital
The human capital is one of the main assets of a company. It is built by combining the ideas and capabilities of the organization's professionals.

The sum of these talents promotes unique knowledge for the business that, with the departure of a team member, can be harmed. Retention allows teams to remain solid and strong, generating better and better results.

Good human capital management helps to retain the company's talents , based on professional development through training and activities that motivate and make employees interact.


Strengthening the employer brand

The employer brand is a trend of current companies, who understood the importance of working with their brand as good employers. The retention programs make the employees themselves promoters of the company's qualities, strengthening the image before the market.

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