Demand for professionals with good relationships

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Demand for professionals with good relationships

Increasingly, companies are looking for complete professionals . This includes not only technical knowledge, but mainly relationship skills. The engineer of the future needs to know how to communicate and work as a team.

In the past, corporations invested in training for this purpose. However, the culture of efficiency has eliminated this practice in companies. Today, they expect professionals to join teams with these sharp skills.

Organizations are not willing to spend money to teach the professional how to relate to their colleagues and clients. In corporations, the focus of professional training is more technical than relational.

Heating of segments of the Engineering market
If you are interested in the area and want to be part of the team that promotes the development of the country, this profession can be ideal. Discover some of the possibilities:

It might seem rather obvious to say it out loud but the reality is that a virtual assistant is simply an assistant who works remotely.

civil Engineering
In recent years, the civil construction sector has experienced a spike in warming in the country. The real estate market has reaped the fruits of the intensification of the economy driven by the increase in the consumption of goods and services. With greater purchasing power, many people went in search of the dream of home ownership and, consequently, the construction of buildings skyrocketed.