Newest Air Jordan 1 Mid Chicago Bulls Colors Debut Very Soon

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Newest Air Jordan 1 Mid Chicago Bulls Colors Debut Very Soon

Air Jordan 1 Fearless is quieter in the first four months of 2021 than in 2020, but some colors have recently appeared, indicating that this situation will soon change. For its latest claim, the mid-high Jordan 1 remixes the team colors of the Chicago Bulls. Starting in 2018, black, red and white have appeared in the "non-resale" arrangement of high-top decorations in a similar way, but the "sports red" around the ankle is finished with metallic leather; the "wing" badge is located on the outside of the ankle The shoulder straps and the Swoosh logo on the side also followed closely. The sole of the foot, the sole unit gives up any flickering aesthetics and tends to the original "breeding" style found on two-tone cosmetics. The style mixed material upper proudly has a "colorless" cosmetic, supplemented by the eye-catching contour Swoosh logo. Embroidered plant patterns and cork lace dubraes on the side heels also inject personality into this pair of shoes, and the outsole of cork waffle pattern also injects personality into this pair of shoes.

Sneakers2090 ,The absolute highest level of shoes that was once in the "Holy Grail" position will soon become an affordable GR. On August 7th of this year, the famous Air Jordan 4 "Lightning" will be released for the first time because it was originally exclusively released online on August 23, 2006. Coming to the 15th anniversary of the epic drop, Jordan 4 "Lightning" will also be equipped with a special shoe box with a lightning yellow lid to match the black spot gray. The arrival of Air Jordan 4 "Lightning" is a unique moment for the Jordan brand because it embraces the digital business aspect of things (just like other industries). This is also a sign of the return of the Air Jordan 4 Retro, which is the first release since the famous "Nike Air" series and the famous LS series in 1999. As mentioned earlier, Lightning 4s is only available online and comes with a t-shirt. The bold color scheme made it highly sought after among Jordan fanatics, and its selling price easily surpassed the four-digit figure, reaching $2,000. Nike Daybreak recently joined the brand's vegetable dye theme series, using the "white/obsidian/black" color scheme. The previous iterations Air Force 1 and the mid sports jacket previewed the above palette, but the retro running shoes on its appearance are eye-catching.

New Drop Jordans assistance event in Shanghai in mid-December 2020 ended, Sneaker Con recently revealed that its next event will be virtualized with the help of NTWRK. For novices, NTWRK is the leading livestream shopping platform in North America. Since its launch in 2018, it has been using partners such as Sophia Chang and FaZe Banks for exclusive drops. On June 26 and 27, connoisseurs of multimedia experiences will assist Sneaker Con in hosting the first virtual version of its iconic party. In addition to the shopping experience, special gifts and exclusive holy grail typical sneaker conventions, the upcoming feature will be hosted by Hasan Minhaji and Nick Diamond (real name: Nicholas Szey). The livestream shopping festival will also feature musical performances and panel discussions, led by some of the most well-known and insightful figures in the sneaker community. Alan Vinogradov, co-founder of Sneaker Con, said: "The focus of Sneaker Con has always been to continue nurturing the Sneaker community by bringing sneakerheads together, while creating unforgettable experiences and increasing their passion for culture.". "We never thought we could do this, which is why we are so excited to work with NTWRK."