Gamer With Disability Reportedly Banned from Path of Exile For Using Macro

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Path of Exile is a very popular action RPG. Players purchase POE Currency to get the most suitable equipment.

Path of Exile is a very popular action RPG. Players Buy POE Currency to get the most suitable equipment. This particular question concerns the "flask gain" of the game. The player is equipped with 4 flask fans at a time, and they need to be activated every few seconds to maintain the fan status, which is extremely important in the endgame of the Path of Exile.

Players explained that after an industrial accident, their fingers on one hand or the other were useless, which prevented them from hitting the four keys needed to activate the flask polisher while playing. Although POE Currency can help players upgrade, it is impossible for them to play Path of Exile without using the flask booster, which makes this special situation very tricky because the macros used by the players violate technically The terms of service for the game.

In the comments on the post, the player did say that before using the macro, they had contacted the Path of Exile support team and received a template email stating that no macro can perform multiple actions at once. Players also pointed out in the post that they spent hundreds of dollars on Path of Exile, which makes the possibility of never playing their obvious favorite game or the upcoming sequel Path of Exile 2 even more painful.

Players are in a difficult situation, especially because Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games told players that they are not allowed to use the macro in the game until the player starts using it. However, if there is no macro, the player will not be able to play the game, which is undoubtedly a problem. Hopefully, Grinding Gear Games will contact players and work with them to find solutions that do not require legal action, which will lead to Path of Exile and its extended functions becoming more suitable for disabled players. If you want to make your journey into exile more relaxed and enjoyable, then you can buy POE Orbs to get help.