Rsgoldfast - it's only a minigame

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To begin: Talk to Kolodion (yes, he's here) to OSRS gold start the Renevant Challenge. He will direct you to the Arena, which looks like the Mage Arena in a way, but looks newer than the Arena. Then round, then comes the level 61-100. After that round, you struggle the remaining renevants. If you've got a range level of 70, Kree'arra will come. If you have a Power level of 70, Graador will come. If you have a Prayer Level of 70, then Tsutsaroth will come. In case you've got a Hitpoint level of 70, Zilyana will come. In case you have all 4, 1 of them will come at random.

What is a minigame without rewards? Well, it's only a minigame. After Kolodion sends out you once you conquer the God Renevant, then you will be in a place like the basement of the Mage Arena. There will be 4 people standing there. Speak to one of them to get your reward. (don't worry, you can come back and get the others if you overcome the challenge )

If you talk to the guy wearing the Armadyl Armour, then you'll get a Kree'arra Trophy and also an Armadyl Bow. The trophy when rubbed, teleports you into the Armadyl area and enables you to be immune to Armadyl enemies for half an hour. The Armadyl Bow appears like the crystal , just with the emblem of Armadyl. It has special shoots 5 arrows onto your oppnonent.

Should you Speak to the guy in Bandos Armour, then You'll Get the Graador Trophy and a Bandos Battleaxe. The Graador Trophy is similar to this Kree'arra Trophy, only it does exactly the Bandos part instead and provides you immunity for half an hour. The Bandos Battleaxe resembles a Dharok's Greataxe, only more historical. It's very havy, therefore every other turn you are able to attack. No particular though.

Should you talk to the man from the Saradomin Robes, he will give you a Zilyana Trophy and a Saradomin Shield. Again, the Zilyana Circle does exactly the exact same thing as others, just it teleports you to the Saradomin component and provides you immunity for 30 minutes. Even the Saradomin Shield is NOT that the Saradomin Kiteshield, it's much different. It looks like that the Symbol of Saradomin, just blue. It can heal half of what you shield, like the Godsword. However, a negative side it, it degrades after every usage, and cheap RuneScape gold it can only be utilized 3000 times.