How to install a VNC server remotely?

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How to install a VNC server remotely?

1. Set up a remote desktop connection. Click on 'Start menu', 'My computer' and 'System properties'. Write down 'Computer Name'. Click on 'Remote settings'. Make sure 'Allow this computer to accept dial-up connections' is checked. Click 'OK'.

2. Go to the remote computer. Click 'Start Menu', 'Program Files', 'Accessories', 'Remote Desktop Connection.'

3. Enter the name of the remote computer. . 'Enter' Username 'and' Password 'for the remote computer. The desktop computer should be displayed on the screen.

4. Locate the VNC server installation file on the remote computer and double-click it. Enter a 'License Key' or select 'Trial'. Click on 'Next'. Select 'Complete installation.' Click on 'Next'. The program will be installed.

5. Open the program by clicking on 'Start Menu', 'Program Files',' RealVNC ',' VNC Server 'and' Run VNC Server '.' The program runs and allows the user to configure options such as username and password.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant?

To remotely install a Virtual Network Connection (VNC) server, set up a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) between the two computers. All versions of Windows include RDC capability. After configuring RDC, access the computer remotely to install VNC within minutes. VNC provides remote access to other computers. VNC establishes an authenticated encrypted connection, which runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Unix and mobile devices such as the iPhone. VNC allows remote printing, file transfer between machines and even enables users on the host and remote machine to chat.