Path of Exile: Controversial League debut Ultimatum

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In the past few weeks, the new Path of Exile League has been in full swing.

In the past few weeks, the new Path of Exile League has been in full swing. However, due to technical issues, players were unable to log in, and then let the streamers pass in front of everyone, and finally some of them were banned due to exploiting loopholes. If you can purchase POE Currency, it will help you quickly improve your character's strength.

Endless queue
When it comes to queuing, video game players are by no means novices. When the League of Exiles Ultimatum was launched, Grinding Gear Games had all the problems. The queue did not empty at a normal rate. According to lead developer Chris Wilson, it can take more than 2 hours to clear the queue. Needless to say, the two-hour queue will affect the speed at which you can earn POE Currency in the game.

Excluding all technical details, the root cause of this problem is human error. When connecting players on the release day, the system must operate in real time, instead of migrating the roles of the role alliance (from the role before the ultimatum before) to the standard mode first. Obviously, this greatly slows down the connection process. When GGG tried to fix this error with a temporary fix, the server was tightened and had to shut down the server for nearly an hour.

The story goes on
It is Streamer Empyriangaming that arouses anger among content creators. The latter is the core of belittling players. But when Chris Wilson announced the 20 user ban for abusing the alliance's exit vulnerability, the situation became even more bizarre. Among these 20 players, Empyrian is one of them. Therefore, the latter managed to alienate the Path of Exile community and the company behind the game within a few days.

Now that the league has been running for a few weeks, everything will get better. I strongly recommend anyone who likes action RPGs to dip their toes in it. Ultimatum brings a mechanic who wants to become a millionaire. You can go further among them. You can buy Chaos Orb through third-party websites, or you can harvest your own crops.