Lot of Fans Looking forward to CLOT x sacai x Nike LDWaffle

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Lot of Fans Looking forward to CLOT x sacai x Nike LDWaffle

Sneakerheads2020 expanded LDWaffle's cooperation lineup in 2021 and introduced new partners, one of which is the undercover agent of Longjun. The result of collaboration between Takahashi and Seijing’s Abe and Nike sportswear design teams? The color scheme of gray, sail, black and "bright lemon" matching shoes is similar to the 2019 Nike Dawn "bright lemon". Pair shoes with black nylon base as canvas, double stacked tongues, eyelets and laces, layered fenders and heel pieces and heel tags with co-branded details. Although the exponentially increased styles and the color scheme to some extent may be familiar, the most unique feature of the undercover xsacaixNikeLDWaffle is the brand that is followed by the extension of the midsole. As a detail that did not exist in the previous version, it lists the names of each partner in black text. These midsoles are made of sail EVA foam and sit on top of a "bright citron" waffle outsole to complete the complete look.

Nike SB Dunk Low will provide footwear iterations in spring and summer, some of which work with imprints such as tap water and para, while others belong to the GR category. In contrast to the latter, the next surface is a brand new SB dunk low with red, blue and yellow color blocks. It has not been determined whether the couple has any connection with the football team, but judging from the way its colors are mixed together, this evokes memories of the FC Barcelona's home jersey. Except for the mesh tongue and laces, the entire bottom layer is made of butter suede panelling. There is no match between each foot, this foot sounds burgundy on the toe box and tongue, while the right side is flipped backwards. The common elements between the two sides are the yellow blow and the Nike brand on the tongue and heel. Below, the midsole has no color and is placed on top of a rubber-colored outsole.

Nike Sneakers injected some serious gasoline into their famous LDWaffle in 2021, one of which was a collaboration with CLOT's three heads. Earlier this year, this tripartite double-layer sneaker has an interesting material structure and color scheme, reminiscent of the famous AirMax1 "Kiss of Death" by the crocodile. In the past, LDW coffee had a mesh or nylon base, but the CLOT iteration chose translucent TPE. The double style starts with the mid-foot sofa and puts orange on top of the burgundy. The tongue also added movement, putting Burgundy on top of orange, and adding a volt green mix on the Nike sportswear label. The eye ester has also doubled, and a faint neon light peeks from the top of the sand-brown suede leather. More "twice as beautiful" sandy brown turned leather styles appeared on the fenders and heel counters. Three company logos are printed on the orange heel, and the shoes are inlaid with orange and white laces. Below, the midsole is stacked with an orange foam board on top of the fuchsia shoe-this is the first Lourdeswaffle shoe, because all previous iterations have used a white midsole. Traditional chewing gum outsole, another first one, around the appearance.