Rsgoldfast - The Ghost examines the Quest List

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Items Required: Ring of Visibility, and osrs fire cape service the Amulet of Ghostspeak. Is this the Dungeon of Remembrance, or is it hidden somewhere? I will soon make a fake of the Dungeon of Remembrance, as it is currently inaccessible. The Gate of the Past conceals the Dungeon of Remembrance. The Gate of the Past is located within the Deep Wilderness, and once you enter, you will no longer be exposed to the ravings of others.

The Dungeon of Remembrance as well as the Orb of Remembrance can be found in the Gate of the Past. The orb is used for viewing battles. You can start your Dungeon of Remembrance Mini-Quest by talking to the Ghost of Questing Past. He's in the cave's entryway, which you are not able to ENTER. Speak to him and you'll be able to see:

Who is your name? I'm (Playername) and Noble Adventurer. You? I am Questing Past's ghost. This is the Cave of Remembrance. Here, you can relive Questing Past. It sounds fantastic, but what quests do I need to finish? You receive a Quest List from the Ghost. What exactly is the Quest List? It lists all the quests necessary to finish this mini-game. To finish the final Challenge it is only going to require 200 Quest Points. It is not a good idea to lose this list. Can I enter? Yes, but I'll verify that you've completed any of the following quests.

The Ghost examines the Quest List. Once you are cleared The Ghost teleports to the next location and leads you to the Cave of Remembrance. Boss 1 Glough's Black Demon. Requirements You will be fighting the bosses randomly in sequence. You can choose to leave at any time you'd like and return to where you left off. The Ghost disappears, and the whole space shakes. The Ghost disappears and Glough emerges.

Face my fury yet again! Glough is gone, and a Black Demon Level-172 appears. Glough's maximum hit is 13. There is an escape route hidden in the stalagmite piece. Since this will protect against the damage, it is suggested to either mage or range him. Kill him and buy rs07 fire cape he will drop the Grand Tree Sigil.