Rsgoldfast - I caution you that you'll face terrible evils

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Recommendations: Ability of RuneScape gold defeating numerous guards of level 90+ Level 80-90 enemies that are immune to most weapons and a Level205 Boss and Immune To range. Speak to Sir Radimus Erkle, a member of the Legends Guild, to begin. Radimus Erkle, Many Best Wishes (Player Name). There is a problem and I don't have time to tackle it.

Do I have any help? Yes you are able to. However, I caution you that you'll face terrible evils. I'm not scared of anything evil. This is the mission I'm going to undertake! You are free to do what you want, (player name). Speak to Lokar on the docks in Relleka. What could I do to assist you today? Hello (Player name) Radimus has sent me an email. Radimus wrote to me. Yes I am able to. Lunar Isle's enemies aren't only the Freminnik. There was once a group that lived in peace with the Lunars many years ago.

The day of the Solar Ritual. The Solar Tribe lived once more in peace on the island, and controlled the majority of the island until the Lunar People began a catastrophic war. They were then forced to leave the island and seek refuge on an island that was deserted. The Mages of Lunar Isle were worried they were being targeted by they were being targeted by the Solar Tribe was planning something and they travelled with an army to take out the Solars. When the Solars started a ritual and the Lunar Mages began to attack. The ritual was intended to control the Lunar People and force them to follow the orders of the Solar Tribe. The mages halted the ritual and killed Solar Tribe's King. The Tribesmen fled in terror and were never ever seen again

(Player name) (Player name) I know. What I can tell you is that the Solars have taken over Lunar Isle. To find out what they are planning it is necessary to infiltrate them and take them out. Use the Lunar Communication Orb. Lokar will provide you with an orb that glows and you can put it in your bag. The orb will light up when you speak to it.

Ethernal Communicator - Hello (Player name). What do you have to say? What are you? I am an unamed magic stone, which has been put in this orb to communicate with you and to cheap RS gold communicate with you. Magen is my name by the people who have carried me.