In truth I was quite satisfied with RS

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It's still a horrible community. I won't return. Please, don't attack serious PKers. It's a waste of rs2007 gold time and 4 rounds of Ice Blitz. Then, I played RuneScapeHD. I was a bit ambivalent about the experience. The menus on RSHD were incredibly difficult to navigate and badly set up. Jagex did a fantastic job with the visuals, but it appears like they just tossed together the interface. I was gifted a new dharok helm while testing RSHD at Barrows. I have now a bunch of some random stuff in my bank, which will reduce in value and I have 11 million cash. Still nothing compared with my prime, but I don't care.

In truth I was quite satisfied with RS. There were a few things I didn’t try, but I believe the game is improving steadily to be better. Jagex! Discuss the changes made in RS since July 2007.

You will fly fish in the Barbarian Village river. You can deposit your catch at the Bank of Edgeville just north of river. Fishing for trout is available up to the age of 30. It is also possible to take a break at 25 to get your bait out in case you've got any. and go fishing in the river for pike.

Levels 30-45 are identical, however you will catch trout and salmon. Continue until you reach 45. (The reason you want to do this until 45 is because when you begin fishing for lobsters at 40, you will not catch them as quickly, so you will be wasting time.)

You'll need cash to cover levels 45-60. The goal is to catch lobsters. The final option is to walk to Port Sarim to reach Musa Point. Once at Port Sarim, you will pay the Captain or Seaman 30GP at the dock. You can only catch lobsters in the level 60 once you've made your way to buy RS gold the locations.