Jayson Tatum is not satisfied with his 90 rating in NBA 2K22

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The first player rating for the upcoming NBA 2K22 was released last Wednesday.

The first player rating for the upcoming NBA 2K22 was released last Wednesday. The four superstars shared the highest overall rating in the game, not 99. LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant all ratingd 96 points at the start of the game, although James believes that Curry and Durant should both rating 99 points. Players are speculating whether 2K Games will launch a special version of Durant and Curry with a rating of 99 in the mid-season of NBA 2K22. Players have prepared enough NBA 2K22 MT for NBA 2K22.

Celtic star Jayson Tatum has one of the highest overall ratings in the league, but the recent Olympic gold medalist is not excited about his 90 rating. NBA 2K teams adjust player ratings throughout the year to reflect the current performance of each player. Tatum’s final rating in 2K21 was 91. Before learning his 2K22 rating, he said that he thought his basic rating for the new year should be 92. He was shocked to find that 2K dropped his total rating to 90 when it launched 2K22.

He doesn’t understand why his rating keeps going backwards. Jayson Tatum once tied the record of Celtic star Larry Bird in a game in the playoffs. He was thinking about whether he would get a 95 overall rating in 2K22 at the end of the season. No one knows everything about NBA 2K22 MT.

However, you should know that there are only 11 players in NBA 2K22 with a rating of 90 or higher. Therefore, the people who can be among the ranks are already very powerful. Players can choose their favorite player cards and items to form a team according to their personal needs. Before doing all of this, they’d better buy some Cheap NBA 2K22 MT at GameMS in advance, which is reliable.