About Solarity Cloud
Professional Community in Solar Energy and Renewables, © 2018 EITCI Institute

Solarity Cloud, Solar Energy Community, Business & Research Platform

Solarity Cloud is a worldwide professional social network focused on solar energy and related renewables. It serves as collaborating community to advance technological progress and scale of adoption of photovoltaics to produce energy.

On Solarity Cloud you can connect with entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, investors, policy makers, and all other individuals, companies and institutions professionally related to solar energy and renewables. You can initiate business or research cooperation, organize consortia, initiate projects and drive sales. If you are on earlier stage of your career you can leverage Solarity Cloud to find job strategically placing you in the field of increasing significancy for sustained development of the civilization. Solar energy constitutes and important part of the future, not only for us, but especially for our children who will have to live in the world we leave to them.

Solarity Cloud is a fully open initiative of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute in Brussels, the mission of which is to dessiminate knowledge for supporting development of information society worldwide. But knowledge is also responsibility. In the age of information revolution mankind cannot ignore facts confirming climate changes and detorioration of ecosystems by pollution. Most of this pollution comes from the traditional combustion based methods of producing energy. Thus EITCI Institute is also dedicated to dissemination of awareness of advantages that come with solar energy. As the EITCI Institute works in the field of Information Technologies, thus it developed a specialized networking and business platform for professionals in solar energy and related renewable energy sources.

Join Solarity Cloud today to:

  • Meet and make friends internationally with people working in your field (the general networking platforms are not easy to use in that respect, they are too broadly defined and limit your connection abilities locally)
  • Develop those contacts into cooperation either of research or business type.
  • Formulate projects, organiza consortia, drive your sales and grow companies.
  • Participate in the internal market of the Solarity Platform increasing your reach.
  • Early discover new products, trends in technology and business opportunities.
  • Get special offers not available elsewhere. Earn your commissions from the business on Solarity Cloud.

But above all else, be a part of moving us all forward.